What is MyCryptoTracker?

MyCryptoTracker is a tool to track your cryptocurrencies, with the idea "using crypto to track crypto". It is developed using DApp on Nebulas blockchain.

How to use MyCryptoTracker?

You will need:

  • Install Web Extenson Wallet
  • Create a NAS Wallet
  • Transfer NAS token to your wallet
  • Set your wallet address in the Settings
  • Add transaction(s)
  • And enjoy :)

How to install Web Extension Wallet?

You can follow the instruction at https://github.com/ChengOrangeJu/WebExtensionWallet.

How to create a NAS wallet?

You can follow the instruction to create a web wallet at https://github.com/nebulasio/web-wallet, or you can quickly create one here.

What is the diffrent between Mainnet and Testnet?

Testnet simulate the Nebulas Mainnet, and allow developers to interact with Nebulas without paying the cost of gas.

How to claim NAS token for testing purpose (on Testnet)?

You can access https://testnet.nebulas.io/claim site to claim 10 NAS per email per day.

Where can I find more information about NAS?

You can read newest Nebulas's news at https://medium.com/nebulasio.